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Welcome to Learn Wild VA











Learn Wild VA is your resource for all the outdoorsy fun & adventure you can handle!


Outdoor play is critical to the development of children now more than ever. The benefits have been proven to be endless, so what are you waiting for? Join us & the Learn Wild movement & experience the outdoors in a whole new way! Whatever your "wild" may be, we provide something for everyone. Whether it's hiking, backyard play, public spaces, or even your balcony- we want to give families the confidence to Learn Wild!  We offer a variety of resources, inspiration, & local adventure spots for nature-based learning in the wild for every child!


Learn Wild aims to answer your burning questions like, "We're outside, now what?" "What's the best outdoor gear for kids?" "Where are the best kid-friendly hikes?" and "What if I don't have a backyard?" Whatever your question, we want to provide you with answers & solutions!


Our core beliefs are that play IS learning, nature has provided us with the best learning materials, and there's no better classroom than the great outdoors! 

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Kids Blowing Bubbles
Hiking in Nature


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Free Downloads & Printables  

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Local Hikes

For adventures in VA, check out our “Local Hikes” page for directions, accessibility, and reviews! 

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Coming Soon! Locally, Learn Wild will soon be offering outdoor nature classes for ages 3-6 and homeschool groups. Private “POD” groups can be arranged, please contact us for more info! 

Check out the Blog

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Find your next adventure 

Read the latest blog posts about local adventure spots, ideas and activities for you and your little explorer.

Our Learn Wild philosophy

We recognize the unlimited benefits of playing in nature for children such as sensory, imaginative play, gross and fine motor development, collaboration, and more! 

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