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Gift Guide For Outdoor Adventure Kids

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

The perfect gifts for the outdoor adventurer in your life, big or small!

  • Hydro Flask Water Bottle - Keep the kids hydrated with their own water bottle! We really like stainless steel water bottles over plastic & insulated for keeping water cold on hot days for up to 24 hours.

  • Carabiner - We use these for hooking things like water bottles & hand sanitizer to the outside of the kids backpacks for easy access.

  • Rechargeable Hand Warmers - Keep kid's hands toasty warm & cut the waist with these rechargeable hand warmers sure to be a hit for all ages.

  • Wool socks - There are so many options for merino wool socks - but these ones have stood the test of time with our wild one! They are made in the US & come with a lifetime guarantee- making them an excellent choice for little adventurers!

  • Poncho - This one is less than $4! These are great for rainy day play but are also small & lightweight so you can carry them with you for those surprise rain showers.

  • Head Lamp - The kids will have a blast exploring at night around the yard, at the beach, or on camping trips with a hands free head lamp.

  • Whistle - Honestly, what kid doesn't love a good whistle? But, truthfully its good to have just in case of emergency.

  • Field Guide - We have several but definitely like the National Geographic Field Guides & Audubon the best! My son leans towards the bigger the better when it comes to his books but for younger kids The Big Book Series is fantastic with beautiful illustrations.

  • Binoculars - Keep the kids exploring the outdoor world for hours with a pair of their own binoculars.

  • Hammock - We have two of these hammocks and they have provided us with hours of fun for the whole family! We use them in the yard & camping trips. They are super easy to hang & take down & come with their own attached storage bag making them super easy to carry them anywhere. I suggest one per kid because everyone will be fighting for a turn! P.S. - they have adult ones too!

  • Trail Mix & Snacks The whole family loves these snacks! They are healthy & allergen free, plus they come in prepackaged portions perfect for kids to grab & go. The perfect snack pack!

  • Band-Aids - I really like the Welly Band-Aid brand from Target & they come in a nice tin for carrying & keeping clean & dry. Besides, kids love band-aids! How special & responsible they'll feel with their very own pack.

  • Pocket Knife - This is obviously not for the littlest kids but for older kids it makes for a really great gift. We have several of these my son loves to use for whittling sticks.

  • Collection Bag - I love this foraging bag from 1000 Hour Outside & it's so fun for the kids to collect all their found treasures in!

  • SPF Chapstick - Keep those lips protected with Sunbum chapstick. These come in several different flavors that the kid's love plus they are SPF 30!

  • Spot It! Card Game - This is a family favorite for camping trips & game nights!

  • Carthartt Beanie - These are the best hats that the entire family will love! This is my go-to gift to give in the Winter. You get a beanie, you get a beanie, everyone gets a beanie!

  • The Virginia Mysteries Series Books - We stumbled upon these books and are so glad we did! The setting of the books take place all around VA and they are geared for ages 8-12 but great for read-aloud, too! I read them to our 6 year old and he loves them! Definitely the perfect book series for any outdoor adventurer but even more fun for someone from Virginia!

These gifts would work great alone or combined as an Outdoor Adventure Kit! Choose a few and pair them with a small backpack and your little adventurer is all set for their next adventure! Hope this helps the next time you're searching for a fun, outdoor gift for the little or big adventurer in your life!

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